When you are looking for a qualified electrical contractor there are a number of important considerations. At Cablenet Electrical, we pride ourselves in the following qualities to give you peace of mind when working on your home:

1. Fully Licensed and Certified
We are licensed and certified by accredited institutions. Our company is trustworthy and provide our electricians with proper training in their respective roles.

2. Great Reputation
We have a very good reputation based on previous projets we have carried out. We can always give you references upon request. We come with glowing recommendations and have a proven track record of high quality work.

3. Fully Trained and Experienced
We have experience in handling your particular problem. We are able to navigate through the problem, offer solutions, or simply fix it like new.

4. Honesty and Effective Communication Skills
We will explain to you what needs to be done, and give you a fair price reflecting the amount of work that needs to be done. We will also take the time to explain what problems we would have found inside your home, why it needs to be fixed, and also offer a solution, or alternatives.

5. Available to Address Your Needs Right Away
We have the capacity to be available during emergencies. We understand that problems can arise anytime; even in the dead of the night. We aim for efficiency and a fast response so we always make sure there is an electrician sent your way within minutes of your call.

6. High Priority on Safety
Your safety and our electricians’ safety is always our top priority. We have safety protocols in place at all times, including during emergency calls. On top of that, we have the proper training to deal with dangerous circumstances in the most effective way, while protecting your property.

7. Use of Proper Technology Tools
We know how to make use of current technology for work and to your advantage. Proper technology or new devices can be used to determine problems or assess the situation before proceeding. It can also make the job much faster, along with proper training. In the event that new technologies might not work for your specific circumstances, you can rely on us for the best and most appropriate advice.