Whether you are planning for electrical installation and upgrades or you are facing an electrical problem that needs immediate attention, we pride ourselves in the following qualities:

1. Knowledge and Experience
Commercial electrical work can be more complicated as compared to residential, it is crucial that you work with a knowledgeable and experienced commercial electrical contractor for your commercial project. Commercial electrical systems have their own nuances and features. Our team of engineers and electricians are equipped with the necessary knowledge, experience, and materials to undertake complex, large-scale projects.

2. Dependability
We understand how your commercial projects are controlled by the three factors of time, quality and cost. We will show up on time and significantly contribute towards your attaining high quality project outcome within your budget. Our dependability is demonstrated in our past roles and we are motivated to be a part of your team.

3. Consistency
We are an xperienced and reputable electrical contractor and will provide you with a consistent quality of work and promise to provide you the best experience and service throughout your project.

4. Attention to Detail
As mentioned above, commercial electrical systems are more complex than residential ones. Cablenet Electrical is a cautious electrical contractor and uses a detail-oriented approach to do the job. We have a strong understanding of safety procedures and regulations and are mindful to work in a way that keeps you and others safe.

5. Licensing and Insurance
We know you probably have certain liabilities that you need to insure. For your peace of mind, we have proper insurance and licensing for the work we will be undertaking on your property. We have insurance policies that cover us if something goes wrong with the job or if there maybe be any injuries while performing our duty.

6. Business Skills
We have business skills that we have developed over years of working on different large-scale commercial projects. We have the general knowledge of business practices such as strategic planning, inventory tracking, and invoicing.

7. Comprehensive Services
Installing or upgrading a commercial electrical system isn’t a one-and-done job. Businesses and commercial buildings change rapidly and they have diverse needs. We provide comprehensive services to cover all your needs. We do not only specialize in electrical installations, but we are also well-versed in replacements and upgrades later on, and even maintenance and repair as needed.