Backup Power System


No electricity provider in the world can guarantee an electrical supply that is free from voltage and frequency variations. The possibility of faults occurring in users’ installations or in the public distribution system remains undeniable and unpredictable.

Backup power structures afford power when the foremost power supply weakens. We assist you in determining the most suitable backup power system for your needs and provide you with appropriate advice and solution. We can design the ideal installation and install the backup power system for your circumstances.

To help your contingency supply systems function as designed, we perform the following tests during installation and then periodically (monthly or quarterly, depending on contractual agreements) after the system is commissioned. Tests during installation phase are divided into two stages:

  1. Pre-installation – test before connecting the critical loads.
  2. Combined – connect critical loads and test while cutting standby generator in and out.

We conduct many tests when commissioning and maintaining a contingency supply system. Many parameters (three phase voltage and current, power, power factor, harmonics and transients) are logged simultaneously over 8 hours to 24 hours and documented in report format.